Kaamelott: First installment passes the million at the box office


After a week of operation, “Kaamelott: Premier section” has already reached the symbolic milestone of one million admissions. However, since the introduction of the health pass, admissions have been plummeting.

The million for Kaamelott

Kaamelott: First part made a smashing entry at the box office. The sequel to the series kicked off in theaters for its first day of operation on Wednesday July 21. And even before! In preview, the film gathered nearly 300,000 spectators. An impressive figure which made it possible to launch Alexandre Astier’s feature film in the best possible conditions. The days passed, and the entries kept piling up to wait after one week 1,015,247. Excluding previews, Kaamelott reached 707,348 admissions for its first week of operation. Something to delight SND, the distributor of the film, which necessarily plays big with this production.

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