Kaamelott – First installment: a new trailer for the film by Alexandre Astier


One month before its theatrical release, “Kaamelott – First part” is revealed with a second trailer. The film will follow the cult series created by Alexandre Astier. Release scheduled for July 21.

Kaamelott – First part is always revealed

We revealed to you this morning a first extract from Kaamelott – First part, the long-awaited film derived from the series created by Alexandre Astier. The opportunity to find Alain Chabat in his role of Duke of Aquitaine. At his side, Geraldine Nakache, who plays his wife, the Duchess of Aquitaine. Both had already appeared in the series. But this excerpt is the opportunity to show the return of the king. Finally, a return that does not seem particularly desired by the main interested …

Arthur (Alexandre Astier) – Kaamelott – First part © SND

Less than twenty-four hours after this video unveiled by M6, here is what SND offers us a new trailer (in an article). It should be remembered that the first images are now over a year old. The first trailer having been uploaded in January 2020! Only the Covid-19 pandemic has passed through there and the film has chained the postponements. Given the resources given to Alexandre Astier to carry out this long-standing project, the distributor held firm. And it is finally on July 21, 2021 that spectators will be able to discover in the theaters Kaamelott – First part. One month before this release, we are delighted to be able to discover a little more about the film as well as the synopsis :

The tyrannical Lancelot-du-Lac and his Saxon mercenaries are reigning terror over the kingdom of Logres. The Gods, insulted by this cruel dictatorship, provoke the return of Arthur Pendragon and the advent of resistance. Will Arthur manage to unite the rebel clans, overthrow his rival, retake Kaamelott and restore peace on the island of Brittany?

A very long project

In a short time Kaamelott imposed itself as a must-see series in France. Quickly, his lines have become cult. Whether the classics “It is not false“and”We have big“, or more abstract like”Where is the chick?” or “Well me once I pissed through the window!“. It must be said that by proposing a new interpretation of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Alexandre Astier succeeded in proposing a rich, quirky and evolving universe. The series begins with three-minute sketches before consisting of 45-minute episodes over the last seasons.

With an ever longer format, it was logical that the finality would be one or more films. A project by Astier which for a long time seemed to be only an Arlesian. But finally, more than ten years after the final episode, the film Kaamelott will finally go out to the cinema.

See you on July 21, 2021 to find out Kaamelott – First part At the movie theater. In the meantime, find below the posters of the characters.

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