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6 of the 7 children of Alexandre Astier appear in the cast of “Kaamelott – First part” (in theaters since July 21) in more or less important roles. Have you spotted them?

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We know, Kaamelott, it’s also a beautiful family story, and that of Alexandre Astier is full of excellent actors. Surrounded by his parents Lionnel Astier (Léodagan) and Joëlle Sevilla (Séli) as well as his half-brother Simon Astier (Yvain) since the very beginning of his series, the interpreter of King Arthur also invited his children to join the great Round Table adventure.

In the casting of Kaamelott – First part, in theaters since July 21, we can see Jeanne, Ariane, Neil, Ethan, James and Aaron, 6 of the 7 children of Alexandre Astier, in more or less important roles, and sometimes central to the plot of the feature film.



Interpreters of young Mehben and Mehgan, daughters of Karadoc and Mevanwi, the two eldest of Alexandre Astier already appeared in the episode Pupi of Book II, where they attended a puppet show.

More present in Book V – where they observed their father Karadoc trying to found his own autonomous clan alongside Perceval – they play a much more important role in Kaamelott – First part, where they join the underground resistance led by the ancients knights against the tyranny of Lancelot in the Kingdom of Logres.


While he already played a child Arthur in books IV and V of the series, the eldest son of Alexandre Astier once again shares the lead role of Kaamelott – First part with his father. Present in several flashback sequences which are central to the story, this time he interprets the character in adolescence, when he joins the Roman legion and discovers the first emotions of youth.



While Ethan Astier already appeared in book V of the series, in the role of Arthur’s dream son, his brother James takes his first steps here in the universe of Kaamelott. In the feature film, both play young knights: Lucan (the knight with the cuttlefish, see our article on the character) and Trévor, who joined the ranks of Bohort and Gauvain. The latter, in all clandestinity, erected a new makeshift Round Table to fight against the oppression of Lancelot.


Only a few years old at the time of filming, the very young Aaron appears in the Burgundian yurt scene near the end of the film, where he can be seen sitting on his grandfather’s lap. Lionnel Astier (Léodagan).

As for Isaac, the youngest of the siblings who was born during the post-production of the film, Alexandre Astier said at the microphone of Raw that he was already reserving a role for her in Kaamelott – Part Two.

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