Jurassic World : are we going to see new films?

Jurassic World : are we going to see new films?

With the release of Jurassic World : The world after, many may have wondered if it was the end of an era and especially the end of a long cinematic adventure of almost 30 years. Well Colin Trevorrow, the director, answered that tricky question.

Jurassic World : the return of the continuation of the return

It’s through the magazine Empire that director Trevorrow was able to speak on the subject. Colin Trevorrow indeed confirms having discussed with Universal the future of the license and where it could go, taking up some of the characters introduced.

Jurassic World is clearly interested in creating new characters that a new generation will latch onto. Kayla Watts and Mamoudou Athie’s character, Ramsay Cole, who I think in the extended edition has more room. And the character of Dichen Lachman… There’s more to come.

I did something different from other films in order to change the DNA of the license. The previous five films are dinosaur plots. Dominion is a story of characters, living in a world where they coexist with dinosaurs. We did this so that it could move forward. Because by nature, the concept of Jurassic Park does not make it possible to make a saga. there probably should have been only one Jurassic Park… but if we’re going to expand the idea, we have to tell stories in a world where dinosaurs exist.

Colin Trevorrow also specifies that he is waiting for a new filmmaker with a fresher idea and real added value in terms of plot.

Let another mind do what I did with Steven Spielberg, when I pitched my idea to him. Let’s sit down, let’s discuss the future.

In short, Universal’s slot machine will keep spinning because the goose can keep laying eggs. What do you think of the return of the license Jurassic World on the big screen? Are you for?

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