JUDAS: This is not Bioshock 4 but it’s just like

JUDAS: This is not Bioshock 4 but it's just like

No it’s not Bioshock 4, but Judas. Here is the new game from the creator of Bioshock that will appeal to fans of the license.

The Game Awards 2022 chain the World Premieres. The annual ceremony managed to keep some nice surprises warm this year. Nobody expected it and yet Ken Levine, creative director and father of Bioshock, finally announced his new game. Here is Judas, an FPS that is clearly in the vein of his first baby. It promises.

Judas, the new game from the creator of Bioshock

The little hearts of the fans were carried away, but no, it was not Bioshock 4. The appearance of the Judas logo undoubtedly disappointed some people, but the resemblance to the cult license is not insignificant. Ken Levine, creative director who gave life to Rapture, has concocted a brand new project for us that will take up all the codes and mechanics that made the reputation of his games. Ambient chaos, propaganda, dystopia, decadent society, plasmid and tonic power-based gameplay, questionable morality, fans will be on familiar ground.

Judas’ story takes place in a disintegrating spaceship. You are the mysterious and troubled Judas. Your only way to survive is to make or break alliances with your worst enemies. Will you work together to fix what you’ve broken or will you let everything be reduced to ashes? This new Bioshock-like has no release date, but it is planned for PS5, Xbox Series X, PC through Steam and theEpic Games Store.

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