Joker 2: will the film be part of the DCU? Warner makes a decision

The DC Cinematic Universe will be transformed. Are we going to have the right to a Joker 2 fully incorporated into the DCU? Answer :

As we were able to announce to you yesterday in this news, DC Films is transforming into DC Studios and has just appointed James Gunn and Peter Safran at its head to turn the DCU upside down and offer a coherent cinematographic universe in the image of the MCU from Disney. But what will happen to the film Joker 2 from director Todd Phillips?

DCU or no DCU for Joker 2?

Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown.

Well bad news Joker : Folie à Deux will remain outside of any logic of the new DCU. It is indeed via an information of the site Variety that we can hear the news. The film “will exist outside of any cinematic universe that Gunn and Safran will build“. Which seems to follow a certain logic all the same since the director Todd Phillips himself explains that his version of the Joker is disconnected from the rest of the DC Universe. We can therefore say goodbye to a potential Robert film “Batman“Patinson and Joaquin”Joker“Phoenix. It’s a shame because the two characters could have had some coherence to coexist.

The director has completely denied the existence of a film of this type anyway. The other big question is: who will play Batman’s most charismatic villain in the DCU? Are we going to stay on the Joker by Jared Leto? Or are we going to have the right to a brand new actor like the one visible at the end of The Batman ?

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