Joker 2: it’s confirmed, the rest will be very different

Joker 2: it's confirmed, the rest will be very different

If the first movie Joker was very particular in his treatment, almost intimate, his sequel promises to be very different.

During his released in 2019the film Joker had marked the spirits by its very particular treatment, with a clever mix of genres between the dramatic and intimate film. Well its sequel seems to take a much different path.

A case of big money but not only for Joker 2

Already the film should boost the salary of several protagonists of the project. Thus, director Todd Phillips will receive $20 million and Lady Gaga will receive $10 million for her role as Harley Quinn. According to the newspaper Variety, Joaquin Phoenix alone should also receive the tidy sum of 20 million dollars, against 4.5 million in the previous film. From the outset, a clear difference takes place and it is impossible to ignore it. Difficult to make an intimate film when such sums are at stake.

Music !

These salaries are to be added to the cost of producing complicated musical sequences as specified Variety. Thus the budget of the film will be $150 million against 55 million dollars for the first film. With a budget that triples, even taking into account the salary of the actors and the director, we suspect that the film will have a rather different approach. If only by the presence of musical sequences, which will come to break with the atmosphere of the film of 2019.

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