John Wick could fulfill the dream of many players

John Wick could fulfill the dream of many players

In addition to new films, the franchise John Wick could afford a return to the world of video games. But this time it would be with a huge project. The Max Payne 2.0?

The very tactical John Wick Hex will obviously not be Baba Yaga’s only foray into the video game world.

A big AAA game John Wick in the study

Mike Bithell’s strategy game has inspired some people. In a conversation with investors, Jon Feltheimer, CEO of Lionsgate, made some important revelations. The boss believes that there is an opportunity to seize to make a big AAA game based on the license, but in addition, he has already received several proposals.

I can’t speculate too much, but we think there’s a big AAA play to do with John Wick. We have received proposals. We are undeniably interested in moving this project forward, but I don’t want to say more about it at this time.

Via Indiewire and VGC.

So it’s on the right track, but which studio will be chosen? Why not Remedy Entertainment, the dads of Max Payne?

In the cinema, the series is here to stay. In addition to John Wick 4 whose action promises to be completely crazy, a fifth part has been validated. A new film in which Keanu Reeves could reunite with his sidekick Carrie-Anne Moss. During the promotion of Matrix Resurrectionsthe Trinity actress said she “would love” and that she “would start training”. Words that did not fall on deaf ears as Reeves then responded “Be careful what you wish for. I’m on it now”.

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