John Wick : a new spin-off film already very promising?

John Wick : a new spin-off film already very promising?

Ballerina is a spin-off of John Wick which lingers on the character of the young dancer who can be seen very quickly in the third film, when Wick goes to the director of Ruska Roma and we can see a young woman dancing alone on stage . We know that the dancer will be played by actress Ana de Armas, whom the general public was able to discover in particular in blade runner 2049.

A spin-off from John Wick with or without Baba Yaga?

Well according to exclusive information from Collider, Keanu Reeves will indeed be present in the feature film. Better, the actor is currently filming in Prague for the film Ballerina. We also know that actor Ian McShane will return to the franchise as Winston, the manager of the Continental Hotel. The director of this spin-off John Wick is Len Wiseman, director of Die Hard 4 and of underworld. Interestingly, actress Ana de Armas once starred with Reeves during the film. Knock-Knock from horror director Eli Roth.

For the moment we do not know the place of Ballerina in the timeline of the saga. Will it take place before the first film John Wick or make the connection between the third and fourth episode which is expected for March 24, 2023? Hard to say because JW’s Expanded Universe isn’t very clear yet, if not a bit more thanks to the game John Wick Hex which dates from 2020.

Ditto, what about the relationship between Wick and the ballerina? Simple meeting or mentor-student relationship?

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