Jean Dujardin en Sarkozy: “Presidents is a form of diversion as I was able to do with OSS” – Actus Ciné


Jean Dujardin is showing this Wednesday of “Presidents”, Anne Fontaine’s new comedy. The actor plays Nicolas, a former President of the Republic. This is a form of “hijacking” of Nicolas Sarkozy as he explains to us.

While waiting to discover the third installment of OSS 117 postponed to this summer due to the pandemic, Jean Dujardin is playing Presidents, “another form of diversion“. After the hijacking of the spy film, here is indeed the hijacking of a political film. The film inviting us to discover a true-false Nicolas Sarkozy, played by Jean Dujardin, and a true-false François Hollande, played by Grégory Gadebois .

It’s not a biopic at all. It is certainly not a desire for me to imitate Sarkozy, it would be very embarrassing for the film, for the people, and especially for me! As I was able to do with OSS, it is a form of diversion“, sums up Jean Dujardin at our microphone.

I take a face, I steal things from him, I pick his pockets a bit… I take, I have fun, I twist him and make him a character in an unlikely situation that I hope is credible. It’s an evocation, more than an imitation“.

And to add: “So i hear “But how can Jean Dujardin do Nicolas Sarkozy?” “ ! No, I didn’t decide to “Do Sarkozy”. It’s a character called Nicolas, and it’s true that we ask people to make a little effort, between the real and the proposition. They’re going to do that a lot in the movie. They will go find things they know, and then others where they will let themselves be a little more“.

In Presidents, Jean Dujardin is Nicolas, a former President of the Republic, who does not support the end of his political life. The circumstances allow him to hope for a return to the front of the stage. But he needs an ally. Nicolas will therefore leave for Corrèze, to convince François (Grégory Gadebois), another former President (who himself is enjoying a happy retirement in the countryside) to team up with him.

François takes pride in the game, while Nicolas discovers that happiness may not be where he thought … And their respective companions, they will soon join the game.

I told myself that there was a real singularity, a real proposition, continues Jean Dujardin at our microphone. There are some serious things in it all the same. We evoke them, we talk about them. There are quite schoolboy things and then very well felt and very subtle reflections.

When there is all that, and in addition with actors like Grégory Gadebois, Doria Tillier and Pascale Arbillot, it’s tasty, because it’s a part of jazz. It’s practically sequence shots so we’ll let you play. You have the keys to the house!

When it plays well around, there is fun. And it’s true that we say to ourselves that it’s a comedy that we don’t see a lot. A priori, you don’t really have to do them… It even looks like a badass comedy, but at least it’s not lukewarm!

Presidents, written and directed by Anne Fontaine, is released in cinemas this Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

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