James Gunn is working on a new DC movie


Taking center stage with the release of “The Suicide Squad”, James Gunn is not yet done with the DC Universe. The director is said to be working on a new project from the comics and no one can expect him to plan.

James Gunn and DC, the beginning of a romance?

Switched from Marvel to DC following a temporary breakup with Disney, James Gunn found himself at the helm of The Suicide Squad. Risky project whose mission is to make people forget the shipwreck of David Ayer. The film has just arrived in our theaters and receives a shower of positive reviews (see our review). The director has succeeded and will now return to take care of another team, with Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and the Holiday Special planned on Disney +. By his own words, he won’t continue at Marvel afterwards. But we could still continue to find him in the world of superheroes, on the DC side. A user called him on Twitter, asking him if he had discussed with Warner about another project that would come after The Suicide Squad and the series Peacemaker. Request to which the director responded positively.

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