James Cameron (Avatar) blasts Marvel and DC superheroes

James Cameron (Avatar) blasts Marvel and DC superheroes

After Martin Scorsese, another great director speaks about Marvel and DC productions, James Cameron. The dad ofAvatarTerminator or Abyss, does not mince words.

WhileAvatar 2: The Way of Water finally lands in theaters on December 14, James Cameron took the opportunity given to him to tackle Marvel and DC at the same time.

James Cameron versus the way of making Marvel and DC movies

Genius director and sharp technician, James Cameron has produced cult sci-fi films including Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Abyss. And as a director, he has his say on the industry and on the Marvel and DC feature films that have been dominating the box office since the 2010s.

For him, a good character is anything but… what we see in the superhero movies in question. Remarks in response to a question about having children, and the change in perspective that this induces.

When I see these spectacular big movies – I’m talking to you, Marvel and DC – no matter how old the characters are, they all act like they’re college students. They have relationships, but not really. They never hang up because they have children. That thing that puts our heads back on our shoulders, gives us strength, love and purpose? These characters don’t experience it, and I think that’s not how movies are made..

James Cameron during an interview at New York Times (via CineSerie).

The family as a recurring theme

James Cameron knows well the subject of the family, of parenthood, since these are themes of his films. And for him, being able to rely on his personal experience is important. He takes the example of the two main roles ofAvatar :

It’s a question about what a screenwriter and director does. I learned that you have to have elements that the actors can cling to, they have to be able to draw inspiration from their personal experiences. I knew when I wrote this story that Sam and Zoe were young parents and that would resonate with them. And moreover, if you are addressing a young audience, they must be able to be reassured that these children, on another planet, 200 years in the future, are going through the same hardships they are going through right now. .

Before him, Martin Scorsese (Freedmen, Taxi Driver…) had declared that “Marvel movies weren’t cinema”. A few months later, he returned to this punchline by detailing very long his thoughtwhich was in particular to alert on the importance of these films to the detriment of the others in the cinematographic landscape of today.

And you, do you agree with James Cameron and Martin Scorsese? Tell us everything comments.

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