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The French Sébastien Foucan, who had faced agent 007 Daniel Craig in “Casino Royale”, is a confirmed athlete who notably participated in the creation of Parkour. But he is also a champion of … the cat game!

Like everyone else, you undoubtedly played “cat” during your younger years, in a park or a playground … But did you know that since 2015, this pleasant childish occupation which consists simply of touching the other to win the game, is an international sports discipline?

World Chase Tag competitions are a far cry from the cat game we all know. Here, it is a much more extreme version which is proposed, one participant having to catch (or dodge) the other in an enclosed space strewn with obstacles.

You have to run, climb, jump, sneak, slide, contort, in short be endowed with great athletic qualities, to participate in these competitions which are strongly reminiscent of Parkour, the acrobatic sporting discipline in the spotlight in the film Yamakasi. No wonder then that one of the champions of this funny cat game is the French Sébastien Foucan, co-founder of said Parkour with David Belle.

Sébastien Foucan in action during World Chase Tag competitions:

In an interview granted in 2017 to our colleagues from the Express, Sébastien Foucan, who flaunted his Parkour science against James Bond Daniel Craig in an incredible scene at Casino Royale, sees the Chase Tag as a very technical sport form but also very tactical. While you move, you think, you look aheadpes. You also have to analyze your opponents and act accordingly. For example, someone tall will go less under obstacles. “

The impressive scene featuring Sébastien Foucan and Daniel Craig in the James Bond “Casino Royale”:

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