Iron Man: this open-world video game you’ll never play

Iron Man: this open-world video game you'll never play

Avalanche Studios, the studio behind Just Cause had been working on an Iron Man game for two years before it was called off. This is revealed by the company’s co-founder, Christofer Sundberg.

Sad cancellation for Iron Man

The YouTube channel MinnMax had the opportunity to interview Christofer Sundberg. In particular, he states that the fully open-world title was canceled around 2012, after a few years of development, due to “company policy”.

In fact, Disney and Marvel would have liked Avalanche to quickly acquire the necessary personnel to complete the Iron Man game faster than originally planned. For Sundberg, accepting this condition would have “completely destroyed the studio”.

It was a mess in the end. It felt like we had to hire 70 or 80 people on the team to finish the game faster.

But the development time was so shortened that it was impossible to do. It would have completely broken the studio if we had accepted that.

At the end of a project, when the team shrinks, that’s when you have to find a new project, and with that year less development time on the original plan, that would mean that I had a year less to find a new project for a large dev team, which would have been impossible, and hiring all those devs would have been a complete nightmare, so it was the best decision to make.

The man describes the game as a very complicated project that could have been really good, the game could have allowed you to visit the city, take off and fly anywhere. Note however that according to a rumor from this year, an Iron Man game would be in preparation at EA, at the same time as a Black Panther game. It is moreover Tom Henderson who says so.

In short, yet another new title to add to the sad history of canceled games.

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