iPhone 15: this new rumor that is already dreaming

iPhone 15: this new rumor that is already dreaming

As you can see, the iPhone 14 is more expensive than the iPhone 13 with almost 110 euros difference. And if the rumor of the day is true, we should still have a significant price difference by switching to the iPhone 15. Obviously, this information must be taken with a grain of salt, but the iPhone Pro Max should be replaced by the iPhone Ultra and should for the occasion barter its main material.

A new material for the iPhone 15

Thus LeaksApplePro, quite familiar with the fact, said:

The iPhone 15 Ultra will be made of titanium.

Ultra is a good thing since it is the exact same material that is used for the Apple Watch Ultra. The iPhone 15 Ultra should therefore follow a clear path. The major problem that arises is that titanium is much more expensive than steel. As reported 01.net, the kilo of titanium is between 35 and 50 dollars against 1.5 dollars for the same weight in steel. We can therefore imagine without getting too wet a high-end version from Apple even more expensive. All that remains is to add one or two technologies and we could potentially reach a base price of 1500 or 1600 euros knowing that the most affordable iPhone 14 Pro Max is at 1479 euros.

The main interest of titanium is obviously its greater lightness and above all its greater resistance. Only positive points in use for the consumer.

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