Intel unveils an absolute weapon to spot DeepFakes

Intel unveils an absolute weapon to spot DeepFakes

Intel therefore unveils a technological solution bearing the name of FakeCatche which aims to analyze a supposed deepfake to unravel the true from the false. For those who don’t know, a deepfake is technology that mimics the human face on another face. This is what some film studios use (in larger proportions) to rejuvenate an actor’s face.

Intel analyzes deepfakes

Intel therefore offers FakeCatcher, which focuses on physical details to do its analysis. Intel Explain notably :

Deepfake videos are everywhere now. You’ve probably seen them before; videos of celebrities doing or saying things they’ve never actually done.

FakeCatcher (Intel) looks for authentic clues in real videos, assessing what makes us human. A subtle “blood flow” in the pixels of a video. When our heart pumps blood, our veins change color. These blood flow signals are collected from across the face and algorithms translate these signals into spatio-temporal maps. Then, thanks to deep learning, we can instantly detect if a video is real or fake.

This almost instantaneous processing of videos by Intel is a first in the field. Until now, it was impossible to analyze them in real time. The manufacturer plans to offer this solution on social networks, to the media and to NGOs for large-scale deployment. A tool that could be very useful against fake news and generally against the transmission of false information via false personalities.

What do you think of this type of technology?

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