Intel: The ARC A380 GPU already surpassed by the entry-level Nvidia/AMD?

Available for more than 15 days in China, the Intel Arc A380 graphics card already seems to have trouble competing with the entry-level Nvidia and AMD. This is what we know.

Intel recently shared benchmarks for its new Arc A380 GPU across 17 video games with direct comparisons to the Nvidia GTX 1650 and AMD RX 6400 which were all tested on the same PC. Well el observation is without appeal. The A380 underperforms on all games except for a tie on a single title.

Intel below the competition on the entry level

Players and hardware enthusiasts expected a lot from the arrival of Intel to bring a breath of fresh air. But it seems that not everything is going as planned. This is all the more surprising since the benchmark comes from Intel itself, see instead:

Intel: The ARC A380 GPU already surpassed by the entry-level Nvidia/AMD?
@Picture Toms Hardware

As TomsHardware explains, on average the Arc A380 lost 19% against the GTX 1650 and 9% against the RX 6400. 1650 is a several years old card while the ARC A380 has just been released.

Analysis of the A380 card

We know, however, that Intel drivers play an important or even preponderant role in GPU performance. It is therefore entirely possible that the ARC A380 will catch up in the future with a driver.

Note also that the Arc A380 is also faster in other scenarios than video games such as video encoding for example. It remains to be seen what Intel will plan in the future for the well-being of its GPU.

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