Intel officially launches its A380 desktop graphics card

No question here to tell you about the Airbus A380 but indeed about the very first Desktop graphics card from Intel which bears the same number as the famous plane. Using an ACM-11 GPU engraved in 6 nm which offers 8 Xe Cores, the graphics card has 6 GB of 96-bit GDDR6 memory at 16 Gbps. On the GPU frequency side, we are on 2000 Mhz for a TDP of 75 watts.

A small accessible Intel card

Intel A380 card.

Before seeing the arrival of the biggest artillery, this card symbolizes the entry level of the manufacturer and will be sold at 150 dollars. Only in China at first but it should obviously arrive here a little later in the course of the summer.

It is a card that is calibrated to offer 1080p/60FPS. According to the first information, the performances would be 25% higher than the RX 6400 from AMD. Finally, the GPU has DirectX 12 Ultimate and Ray Tracing compatibility (not to be confused with the RTX which is specific to Nvidia).

In addition, we can also learn about the existence of the very first Intel partner card, namely the Gunnir company: The A380 Photon. Now Intel is starting to play with the big guys for GPUs. Unlike the base Intel model, the A380 Photon from Gunnir features a system with two fans as you can see in the photos below.

Intel officially launches its A380 desktop graphics card

This will bring a little freshness to the fairly closed environment of desktop GPUs.

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