Intel: a mid-range GPU to compete with Nvidia?

If the Intel Innovation event was mostly a presentation of Raptor Lake processors. Intel also took the opportunity to put a few words on its graphics cards and in particular the Arc A770 which has been talking a lot recently. And it’s all legit.

Intel releases its centerpiece on the GPU side

Obviously, you shouldn’t expect a monster of power as was the case recently at Nvidia with its RTX 4080 and 4090. Indeed, Intel is relying more on a graphics card that is in the mid-range.

Intel Arc 770

This Intel card model is based on the ACM-G10 GPU engraved in 6 nm. With the program 32 Xe Cores, 512 XMX processors and 512 calculation units. Two versions will be available, namely 8 or 16 GB of GDDR6 memory. Only the limited edition visible above in the photo during the conference will only be available in a 16 GB version. The price of this graphics card would be 329 dollars.

Duel against the Nvidia RTX 3060

Clearly Intel has the Nvidia RTX 3060 in its sights and we even had the right to a nice graphic to compare performance.

Performance of the Intel Arc 770.

According to the manufacturer, in 1080p with the activation of ray tracing, the A770 is ahead of the RTX 3060. Obviously, we will have to wait for independent tests to verify this information, but this A770 seems to offer good performance. If on Cyberpunk 2077 the difference is only 3 FPS on a title like Fortnite the difference is 13 FPS.

The full announcement is expected to take place on October 12.

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