Infinite: Edgy Trailer For Sci-Fi Movie Starring Mark Wahlberg


Fourteen years after “Shooter, sniper”, Mark Wahlberg collaborates again with Antoine Fuqua for the needs of “Infinite”. An explosive trailer was unveiled for the occasion.

Mark Wahlberg, on all fronts

Mark Wahlberg is probably one of Hollywood’s most sought-after artists, whether as an actor or as a producer. Indeed, in addition toInfinity, he gained a good fifteen kilos for the next biopic of Father Stu, and he will also appear in the movie Good joe bell, which will retrace the fate of a courageous man ready to travel the country to raise awareness among citizens about homophobic harassment. Above all, the actor is eagerly awaited in 2022 as Sully in Uncharted, an ambitious adaptation of the famous video game series.

The next few months, if not years, will therefore be busy for Wahlberg. And so it will start with Infinity, SF film directed by Antoine Fuqua. In addition to the actor, the film will bring back other well-known headliners such as Chiwetel Ejiofor, Dylan O’Brien, Sophie Cookson and Rupert Friend. And in view of the trailer, the feature film promises a nice dose of popcorn entertainment.

Schizophrenia to the max

Mark Wahlberg is a regular in furious action movies. Directed by a director who also likes to blow things up, so it’s no wonder this trailer forInfinity do not be in lace. Adaptation of the novel by Eric Maikranz entitled The Reincarnationist Papers, the film follows Evan Michaels, a schizophrenic who discovers his capacity to be able to reincarnate by retaining the memories of his past lives. Logically, he will be confronted with a secret organization ready to do anything to eliminate him. Consequently, a manhunt will begin, along with Michaels’ resolve to unravel the many visions that haunt him. Fortunately, he will not be alone and can count on other individuals like him, called “Infinite”.

Infinity © Paramount Pictures

On paper, Antoine Fuqua’s feature film is reminiscent of SF action films that deal with schizophrenia, secret organizations, immortality or other… The trailer is not very subtle, moreover, between races -pursuits in open spaces, very nasty villains and complex questions about the visions of Michaels. In any case, the Fuqua-Wahlberg duo intends to get to the point: please fans of the genre, and wow them with crazy action scenes. That’s all we ask of such a film.

Paramount +, the other streaming platform that wants to climb

While it was originally announced in theaters, Infinity has been repeatedly pushed back. While its theatrical release was again postponed to September 24, 2021 to avoid competition from Without a sound 2, the Paramount studio finally decided that its film would be broadcast directly from the June 10, 2021 on its new streaming platform: Paramount +, which replaces the old CBS Access service since March 4, 2021.

Bad news for theater operators, therefore, but not for this new service which attaches a film that could attract future subscribers. Paramount + therefore enriches its catalog which will also include the new Paranormal Activity, series Halo and certain Paramount film productions which will be broadcast on the platform 45 days after their theatrical releases. Among them, we retain in particular Mission Impossible 7, Snake Eyes (spin-off from GI Joe) and Top Gun: Maverick.

No distribution method in France has yet been communicated.

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