Indiana Jones: What will Bethesda’s game look like?

Indiana Jones: What will Bethesda's game look like?

This is during an interview in the podcast Lex Fridman that Todd Howard of Bethesda in person, was able to give some crisp information on the game IndianaJones which is necessarily highly anticipated at the turn, especially on its genre.

Indiana Jones, a game that mixes everything?

Todd Howard remains quite discreet about the game IndianaJones but still say:

I would just say it’s a mix

It’s unique, it’s not an intentional thing, so it does a lot of different things.

At the same time, Howard called The Raiders of the Lost Ark as being his favorite movie of all time, he also called the game “love letter final at Indiana Jones“.

MachineGames, is the perfect fit for this game, with the storytelling and the way they develop. The studio does an amazing job.

Obviously the love for the saga and the desire to make a game of it is not recent since Howard states that the creation of an Indy game was on his “to do list” with a presentation of a project at LucasArts from the year 2009.

Despite a pitch attempt at the time, the project did not continue and so he returned 10 years later with something new. In short, we can logically hope to have a video game that respects the universe, since its main creator is a fan.

However, a few questions still remain unanswered: will the Indiana Jones of the game be embodied by Harrison Ford? It’s hard to imagine another actor unlike a game james bond for example who can afford this kind of madness. But Indy’s character is tied to Ford, and fans would take a dim view of a casting change.

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