Indiana Jones: the Disney+ series becomes clearer, the first info

Indiana Jones: the Disney+ series becomes clearer, the first info

It will be necessary to wait until June 2023 before discovering Indiana Jones 5 in the cinema, but the Mickey firm sees much further than this release. Ideas flow!

Indiana Jones, a future in series on Disney +

The website Variety preview reveals that Disney and Lucasfilm have entered into very serious discussions to produce a series IndianaJones. The firm of the big-eared mouse is currently studying all the possibilities to exploit the vein. This could take the form of new movies beyond the upcoming fifth installment, other media – perhaps games like Bethesda’s – and therefore a program on the small screen.

If it succeeds, the series would be broadcast on Disney + but we are not there. The company is still looking for a lead writer to carry out this draft TV show, so there is no plot yet. It also raises a question: will Harrison Ford take back his hat and his whip? No, at least not as an adventurer who will be bullied by Nazis and the like. The iconic actor has already done his farewell to the rolebut why not have a place without having to perform dangerous stunts?

It is conceivable on paper, especially since as reminded Variety, It would not be the first time. From 1992 to 1993, the ABC channel aired the series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles which as its name suggests, focused on the character’s youth. The spectators had nevertheless been able to briefly see Ford in an episode.

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