Indiana Jones 5: the first images with Harrison Ford saying goodbye

The Disney D23 convention reserved a huge surprise for visitors: the first images of Indiana Jones 5. Harrison Ford, who plays the iconic hero, was upset during the panel and certified that it was over for him.

While the Disney/Marvel Games conference was generally rinsed off, attendees to the D23 event were better served. They were able to preview the Indiana Jones 5 teaser.

Indiana Jones 5’s first concept images

Disney proudly displayed materials related to Indiana Jones in the aisles of D23. Thanks to @laughing_place, we have the very first images of the film (visible in our gallery). First, we have two series of concept arts that set the scene. On the one hand, we have a visit to a lively city in the middle of the night, reminiscent of the Lost Ark, as well as a chase in a tuk-tuck – piloted by Indy – in a small alley. On the other, the adventurer who explores a tomb.

Then, three costumes are presented including a jumpsuit with a raincoat and a black hat. A getup that a Nazi could wear and it will normally be the case. Harrison Ford should indeed face a Nazi scientist played by Mads Mikkelsen (Riders of Justice, Death Stranding…). A way to forget the much criticized Indiana Jones 4? But there would be several timelines including a main one that would take place in the 60s, during the special conquest.

James Mangold (Logan, The Man 66) is directing, but apparently Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are keeping watch. The music will still be signed by the incredible John Williams who, logically, will retire after this last big project.

And the trailer? It was a D23 Expo exclusive and is unavailable online.

Harrison Ford turns the page

For people to remember this introduction to Indiana Jones 5, Harrison Ford made the trip to send a quick note. This fifth opus symbolizes the last lap of the 80-year-old actor in the role.

Indiana Jones films are made of mystery and adventure, but also of heart. We have a real human adventure to tell, and it’s a film that will kick your ass. It’s finish. I will never fall for you again.

It must be said that Harrison Ford had been severely injured on the set a few months ago, which temporarily put production on hold.

Another highlight for fans: the reunion, 38 years later, of Harrison and Ke Huy Quan. The Half Moon actor who wrote I love you Indy. Indiana Jones and Half Moon reunited after 38 years ».

Indiana Jones 5: the first images with Harrison Ford saying goodbye

Indiana Jones 5 is due out in theaters on June 30, 2023.

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