Indiana Jones 5: fans will be delighted

For the time being, you may turn around the global internet, but it is difficult to get information in your mouth about the long-awaited Indiana Jones 5. The only real official information on the scenario concerns some conceptual images that you can find in this news. But that could well change…

Indiana Jones 5 will give news in December

It’s done and as reported by its director James Mangold (Logan, Le Mans 66), we will have information on the film in December 2022. It was via Twitter that the director himself answered a fan’s question (like what, the social network also has good sides).

@mang0ld When can we expect the next promo piece for Indy 5?

In less than 30 days.

That is what is said. It remains to be seen whether it will be a trailer or a simple teaser. Many questions remain unanswered about this new film. According to the first rumors Indiana Jones 5 would have time travel as its central element. This is particularly visible on a photo shoot which strangely shows Roman legionnaires.

Indiana Jones 5: fans will be delighted

James Mangold said the next adventure film will be set in the 1960s, but we also got to see Nazis in the concept footage. We can therefore imagine Indy traveling through time and why not see him again in his younger version.

Everything seems possible for this Indiana Jones 5 and the content to come for December should finally give us some elements of understanding. At least, we hope so.

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