Indiana Jones 5: an opening scene that will be debated

Indiana Jones 5: an opening scene that will be debated

If Indiana Jones 5 is already a risky bet in itself, the film could well lose viewers with one of its major scenes using a process that has not really convinced so far.

With Indiana Jones 5, James Mangold wants to do honor to the previous films but for that, the director will use a technique which is not very appreciated.

A throwback to the opening scene of Indiana Jones 5

In the columns ofEmpirethe filmmaker has announced his intentions on the introduction of Indiana Jones 5. For him, it is essential to offer a great show from the first minutes with a scene that exudes adventure, as for the old films .

I wanted the chance to immerse myself in those kind of typical old George Lucas and Steven Spielberg movies, and give the audience an adrenaline rush.

A sequence that will take place not in 1969, like the main plot of the feature film, but in 1944. What is this sorcery? Do you remember the cast rejuvenation technique? Well the director will use it to Indiana Jones 5. ILM, the special effects company of Georges Lucas, has taken archival documents from young Harrison Ford in order to mix them with images shot in our time.

Producer Kathleen Kennedy (Star Wars) hope this trick will work with the public:

I hope that, even if we talk about it in terms of technology, the public watches the film thinking “Oh my god, they just found footage. It’s something they shot 40 years ago.” You have to instantly think “I’m in an Indiana Jones movie”.

Harrison Ford’s opinion

And Harrison Ford? He also believes in it.

This is the first time that I see and where I believe it. It’s a little scary. I’m not sure I want to know how it works, but it works. However, it doesn’t make me want to be young. I am happy to have gained my age.

Recently, the 80-year-old actor showed up in costume with the first image of Indiana Jones 5. We also had the right to a big bad nazi preview played by Mads Mikkelsen.

The technique of rejuvenation is not new in itself. Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker were digitally altered in the final trilogy Star Warsthe same for Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy 2for a result that has not always been well received.

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