Indiana Jones 5: an epic first trailer but who will share

Indiana Jones 5: an epic first trailer but who will share

After the images, here is finally the trailer for Indiana Jones 5 and the Dial of Destiny. An explosive trailer which is not flawless due to certain scenes…

That’s it, after several days of teasing, Lucasfilm has released a video for Indiana Jones 5. Does it send?

Indiana Jones 5 and the Dial of trailer Destiny

Here, now, everyone can enjoy the Indiana Jones 5 trailer which is therefore subtitled “the Dial of Destiny “. The “Cadran de la Destinée” in raw French? We’ll see. And what do we see in this video? A big dose of nostalgia with the appearance of Sallah, played by John Rhys-Davies, whom we hadn’t seen since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

We also have a glimpse of the character of Antonio Banderas, who is a friend of Indy, but also of Helena (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), the goddaughter of Doctor Jones who will be on the adventure. We also find Mads Mikkelsen as a villain, inspired by a real Nazi Wernher von Braun who became an engineer for NASA, and his watchdog Voller (Boyd Holbrook).

If we have the impression of seeing a film that would be closer to the original trilogy, with a scene where Harrison Ford will still have to get rid of a large ball, a certain technology reminds us that we are well in 2022. It is the one used to digitally rejuvenate our adventurer in Indiana Jones 5. Indeed, the feature film takes place in 1969 but with an opening scene in 1944 which will be debated. We already detect the subterfuge on the trailer despite YouTube compression. To see all the same on the complete sequence what it will give.

See you on June 30, 2023, as notified on the first Indy 5 poster.

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