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Go behind the scenes of the creation of “Indes Galantes” by Clément Cogitore, at the Opéra Bastille in 2019, with this documentary by Philippe Béziat, who has followed the work of the director and his teams for 2 years.

What is it about ?

It is a first for 30 dancers of hip-hop, krump, break, voguing… A first for the director Clément Cogitore and for the choreographer Bintou Dembélé. And a first for the Paris Opera. By creating a dialogue between urban dance and lyrical song, they reinvent together Jean-Philippe Rameau’s baroque masterpiece, Les Indes Galantes.

From rehearsals to public performances, it is a human adventure and a meeting with political issues that we follow: can a new generation of artists take the Bastille today?

Indes Galantes, directed by Philippe Béziat.

Released on June 23, 2021.

Behind the scenes of creation

Being at the forefront of a work in creation is the whole program, delightful, of Indes Galantes, Philippe Béziat. This documentary, the filming of which took place over nearly 2 years, shows all the work required for the directing of Clément Cogitore of the Indes Galantes at the Opéra Bastille.

What interests me is showing artists at work and making connections between works and life. When I talk for the first time with Clément Cogitore (visual artist, filmmaker, photographer, and director of Indes Galantes, Editor’s note), I am struck by the clarity of its axioms and its device, which for me come under a proposal of a contemporary artist, even more than of a director in the classical sense – this in a rather conservative place, the Paris Opera . Obviously, it immediately fascinates me“, says director Philippe Béziat.

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Beyond this aspect “behind the scenes”, from the creation of the set to the direction of the dancers, from the rehearsals to the reception of the public and from the criticism of this work, the documentary is fascinating for the experimentation it represents, in confronting two worlds that do not, or little, as a rule, coexist with this “want to break down barriers“.

For me, the great gesture of Clément [Cogitore], it is to bring on this set people who have never been invited there, and to make them play something that is close to their own role“, indicates the director.

Indes Galantes is precisely told through the eyes of the dancers, in particular by integrating videos filmed by themselves for social networks, contributing to the collective dimension of the film. “Almost immediately also, I feel that the group of dancers that he will invite on the set will be at the heart of the experience. That the material of the documentary film will be found there: in the gaze that these dancers will have on the institution. In the way they will approach it, experience it, cross it.

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