In addition to The Batman 2, Warner Bros. gives carte blanche to the director

Faced with the immense critical and commercial success of Matt Reeves’ film, The Batman 2 is under construction. The director even signed a big contract with Warner Bros. to exploit the universe of the Dark Knight, among others.

Warner Bros. does not want to let go so easily Matt Reeves and will spend lavishly to keep him. A huge contract now binds them as the director began work on The Batman 2.

The Batman 2 and many other projects

Talented filmmakers do not run the streets and can quickly go elsewhere if they feel they no longer find themselves in collaboration with production studios like Warner Bros. We think first of all of Christopher Nolan who left for Universal Pictures to Oppenheimer and his future films. And it’s worse when a company decides to cancel a feature film like Batgirl.

But that won’t happen to Matt Reeves, at least not now, who started writing The Batman 2 with Mattson Tomlin. He also collaborates with Dylan Clark, his production partner on the Planet of the Apes trilogy. Robert Pattinson, he keeps his cape of the Dark Knight and we hope to see Zoe Kravitz again in Catwoman. This obvious sequel, with the previous installment grossing over $770 million, is just the tip of the iceberg.

In addition to The Batman 2, Warner Bros. gives carte blanche to the director

In effect, Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. are committed to a multi-year contract as revealed by Deadline. This is the first director to receive such treatment after the change of direction. Well, at the same time, nothing surprising in view of the performance of The Batman, both commercial and critical. An exclusive relationship in which each project of Reeves with his company 6th & Idaho will have to be reserved in priority for Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Pictures Group – Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Animation Group and DC Films will have first look rights to Matt Reeves’ work as a writer, director and/or producer.

A dream for Matt Reeves, a new image for Warner

“Making this legendary studio my home is a dream. I’m so excited to work with Mike, Pam, and Channing and our teams to bring compelling stories to the big and small screen. » Matt Reeves said in a statement.

For Michael De Luca, one of the CEOs of Warner Discovery, it is essential to allow freedom and create the right conditions to keep a talent like Matt Reeves with you.

We want to create an atmosphere where all of these directors can excel, do their job and stay with us once they join the Warner family. It was very important for us to keep Matt and create a home so that he could do other projects in the Batman universe, but also other original things..

With this agreement, Warner Bros. also sends a signal: the studio wants to once again become the reference of yesteryear by favoring in particular cinema and not an SVOD platform.

In addition to The Batman 2, Warner Bros. gives carte blanche to the director

Carte blanche… or almost!

The Batman 2 as well as the series on the Penguin are validated. But despite Warner’s seduction operation, there is a subject that annoys. It’s the animated series Batman: The Caped Crusader, a spiritual sequel to the cult Batman: The Animated Series, which was canceled without explanation from HBO Max. We have to cross our fingers so that it does not end in outright cancellation.

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