IIYAMA: enjoy quality gaming screens at low prices!

Iiyama is therefore a Japanese company which was founded in 1973, and which specializes in the sale of televisions and computer screens. Combining advanced technologies and good value for money, it is a very good choice in 2022.

IIYAMA wants to offer players the best in terms of gaming monitors without forgetting of course to address everyone. In particular with a range at low prices but which never derogates from the quality of the products. This range is called Black Hawk and it provides access to quality at a lower cost. What juggle skillfully and effectively between the versatility of the product while preserving your finances.

Black Hawk G2450HSU, the small and powerful full HD

IIYAMA: enjoy quality gaming screens at low prices!

This range starts with the G2450HSU. As its name suggests, it is a 24 inch, Full HD VA panel with a refresh rate of 75 Hz and a response time of 1ms MPRT. Note that for better image fluidity, freesync technology will be included. VA panels produce a much larger color space than TN panels and have the best contrast ratio of all LCD varieties. It is therefore the guarantee of a very good quality image with very beautiful colors. The screen notably offers the Black Turner function, which gives you the possibility to adjust the brightness and dark tones to improve visibility in dark areas. One more opportunity to have beautiful images with beautiful contrasts. The screen is priced at €139.99 ! In doing so, it is excellent value for money.

Black Hawk G2740HSU, the beautiful 27 inch IPS

IIYAMA: enjoy quality gaming screens at low prices!

Still with an excellent quality/price ratio, here is the IIYAMA G2740HSU, a full HD screen larger than the previous one at 27 inches. This time it is an IPS panel. Covering 100% of the sRGB color gamut, this IPS panel offers much greater color accuracy and wider viewing angles ensuring more immersive scenes in your video games. A versatile screen, therefore, which will suit all your uses, from simple office automation to the latest AAA game. It offers a frequency of 75 Hz in HDMI and DP, and of course benefits from FreeSync technology for absolute fluidity. The screen is offered at the price of €179.99a very good choice if you are looking for a beautiful, sober, elegant and high-performance 27-inch.

Black Hawk G2740QSU, a 27 inch IPS but WQHD!

IIYAMA: enjoy quality gaming screens at low prices!

We go up a notch with the G2740QSU, which does not offer Full HD definition but WQHD, i.e. 2560 x 1440, a very nice definition that allows you to admire the details of your AAA games as well as possible without spending a fortune. Still in 75Hz frequency, it is also FreeSync compatible like the two previous models. The price is €239.99. It is the most premium model in the Black Hawk range but still respects an irreproachable quality/price ratio. Because IIYAMA’s goal is to also make PC video games accessible to ALL.

IIYAMA, screens for everyone

IIYAMA: enjoy quality gaming screens at low prices!

In addition to the Black Hawk range, which is based on entry-level and accessibility, but never at the expense of quality, the Japanese manufacturer also offers high-end products via its range Red Eagle ranging from Full HD to WQHD, with a very good focus on fluidity. The refresh rates do not drop below 144Hz. And each screen is equipped with Adaptive Sync technology for extreme fluidity.

IIYAMA is therefore the right choice to accompany the rest of your configuration, regardless of your wallet. The manufacturer’s objective is to satisfy all requests, whether you have just set foot in the world of PC gaming or you are a savvy techie looking for the ultimate model.

In summary

  • A Black Hawk range for all budgets, with good value for money
  • The IIYAMA G2450HSU, a 24-inch Full HD VA/75Hz at 139.99 euros
  • The IIYAMA G27440HSU, a 27-inch Full HD IPS/75Hz at 179.99 euros
  • The IIYAMA G27440QSU, a 27-inch WQHD IPS/75Hz at 239.99 euros
  • FreeSync compatibility for all models for excellent fluidity
  • Sober and elegant screens, without frills

Even if you don’t have the budget or simply the need for such advanced technologies, the range black hawk presents more humble, but no less capable monitors. Most slabs vary between FHD and Full HD to make the most of your office experiences whether they are intended for gaming or work.

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