I lied on France 2: who is Marilyn Lima, the interpreter of the police captain?


France 2 continues the broadcast of “J’ai menti”, the series carried by Camille Lou and Thierry Neuvic. Marilyn Lima plays the captain, Pauline Layrac, in charge of the investigation. Here she reveals a new facet of her talent.

I lied : Marilyn Lima as a shock investigator

Since October 6, Marilyn Lima has been featured in the France 2 series I lied, alongside Camille Lou and Thierry Neuvic. She slips into the skin of Pauline Layrac, daughter of Joseph Layrac, who was in charge of the investigation from 2000 to 2003. The young policewoman therefore takes up the torch in 2019, and investigate to find a serial killer named Itsas, who almost killed Audrey (Camille Lou) a few years earlier. Marilyn Lima plays this pregnant police captain who is ready to do anything to get their hands on the killer, even if it means endangering his health.

I lied © France tv

Indeed, it does not spare and wants at all costs to complete this investigation. Already small, in the flashbacks in 2003, we can see that Pauline has a strong character. She still blames her dad who hurt her mom cheating on her with young Audrey. Joseph tries to reconnect years later with his daughter, but it was without counting on the return of the former victim of Itsas.

An actress who has already proven herself

Born in 1995 in Bordeaux, Marilyn Lima is not at her first attempt. The young lady did not do theater or actress training, but she was spotted by the director Eva Husson who immediately wanted the girl for the first role of her film Bang gang. Subsequently, she appears on television with Between two mothers (2016) and Better days (2017). We also discover it in the series Skam France. It is on this occasion that she meets Michel Biel who interprets her boyfriend on screen, but they are now separated.

Most recently, she starred as Tania in the netflix movie Sentinel by Julien Leclercq. She also appeared on the big screen metamorphosed in the movie A mermaid in Paris by Mathias Malzieu, alongside Nicolas Duvauchelle. For the release of the film, we had met the actress for a Speed ​​Dating interview in which Marilyn Lima tells us a little more about her and her profession.

One thing is certain, the Bordelaise has not finished talking about her, whether in the cinema or on television. We will soon find Marilyn Lima in Gaël Morel’s film entitled Constancy in hell, with Miou-Miou and Salim Kechiouche. In the meantime, the actress is to be found on France 2 in the series I lied.

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