Hunter x Hunter dates its new volume in France

Hunter x Hunter dates its new volume in France

The long-awaited Hunter x Hunter finally gives news with the announcement of its next volume in France. Very good news for the fans.

Indeed we can learn thanks to a message from Editions Kana on Twitter that the next volume of Hunter X Hunter is coming soon. At least there are only a few months left to wait for the holy grail of manga.

Hunter X Hunter Volume 37 for early 2023

Here is the message that can be found on the official Twitter account of the publisher about Hunter X Hunter:

Note that the most impatient among you can always try to order volume 37 in Japan, which will be available on November 4, 2022 be much earlier than with us since we will have to wait on our side March 2023.

The publisher also explains why we have to wait several months before seeing this new volume of Hunter X Hunter arrive in our shops:

Translating a manga takes time. As previously mentioned, the editorial team & the translator of the series (Rodolphe Gicquel) managed to process 11 chapters in record time (the entire volume 37 & the first chapter of t38) to offer you the preview reading- premiere on Manga+. This translation is a first version which can be further corrected for the paper version according to the Japanese edition. It is essential that the physical edition of the volume offers a translation faithful to the edition available in Japanese bookstores.

Early March is therefore the earliest possible date, taking into account the various constraints of such work, which must obviously be very rigorous. Alas, while the series has been on hiatus since 2018, we should not expect a collector’s version in France because the publisher Kana explains that it would take much longer on the calendar:

Nevertheless, for a memorable collector, it is generally essential to go through creation (box, badge, standee, booklet, etc.). Unfortunately, the delay requires a significant approval time, as well as an even longer production of the elements than that of the book alone.

But isn’t the good news finally that the tome is finally coming to us, whatever form it takes? Hunter x Hunter is a huge critical success and one of the best-selling manga series in history with more of 84 million copies in circulation. Suffice to say that it unleashes passions.

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