Huawei launches its smart glasses for watching videos (and more)

What seemed like science fiction a few years ago is becoming a reality. Like its Huawei smart glasses.

Huawei therefore announces the availability in China of its Vision Glass smart glasses. Overall it is a connected device that can be connected to any device (PC, smartphone, etc.). The purpose of these glasses is to serve as an extension to watch content “as close as possible”, including videos.

Huawei is already in the future

We’ve been talking about smart glasses for a long time, but Huawei is the first to really democratize this type of product. The Huawei Vision Glass are equipped with two 0.49-inch Micro OLED screens for Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). Each panel offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz. We also always note for the screens a luminance of 480 cd / m².

In addition, the Vision Glasses offer a 41° field of view, 53 PPD and an interpupillary distance of 63.5 mm (± 4 mm), all to create projections up to 120 inches via a virtual screen. In other words it will allow the user to have a total immersion for a movie or a series. It is difficult to say what this will do in the long term on eye fatigue and it is not the manufacturer who is likely to talk about it.

Huawei launches its smart glasses for watching videos (and more)
The glasses allow you to enjoy a virtual 120-inch screen.

These Huawei smart glasses are only available in glossy black at a price of 2899 CNY or around 390 euros. For now there is no release date for the West. But if it works there is no reason not to see this type of technology land here.

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