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Finished at the end of its season 3, How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) told the crazy journey of a young darknet dealer. Here’s how the German series ends, and which documentary to watch on Netflix for more of the true story.

Carton on Netflix, How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is a three-season quirky German pop series that tells the story of Moritz (Maximilian Mundt), a teenager who became the boss of one of the biggest online resale sites. drugs. The third and final season, posted on July 27, brought this crazy storyline, inspired by a true story, to an end. Be careful, spoilers.


After the euphoria of the first season and the first complications of the second round of episodes, the third and final season of How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) finishes writing the downfall of Moritz. After the dealer Buba and the threat of his family, it is now Moritz’s Dutch partner Good Times who is putting pressure on him.

Bernd Spauke / Netflix

Far from his former friends and partners Lenny (Danilo Kamperidis) and Dan (Damian Hardung), who have launched their own CandyBay site on their side, Moritz plunges into a downward spiral as he has to release version 2.0 of his MyDrugs site.

The young man will go very far, until he gets his cop father in spite of himself in this story, to achieve his ends and escape the police who relentlessly track him down. Moritz thinks he can count on the support of his ex Lisa (Lena Klenke) but the latter unwittingly records him to write an article about him and apply to a journalism school.

As Lenny’s health worsens, and his girlfriend Melina tries everything to pay for her medical bills, Moritz gets on with his friend and goes to great lengths to help him and find the money he needs. For his part, Dan, lacking money, creates an Onlyfans account but becomes disillusioned quite quickly.

He quickly ends up finding Moritz and Danny, who restart the machine and try to gain an advantage over the leaders of Good Times by bringing the police on their trail. But their plan backfires until they are saved by Moritz’s father, to whom Lisa had told everything!

Bernd Spauke / Netflix

Moritz’s father tried to protect his son by going to destroy evidence at his computer science colleague who was stalking Moritz. Things degenerate when Marlene and Beeke, the two bosses of Good Times are killed and the group must decide the fate of their henchman …

Moritz goes wild and decides to lie to all his friends by declaring that he will fully invest in his role as a gangster and take Marlene and Beeke’s place to get MyDrugs back. Except that in reality, the young man denounces himself to the police to save his friends.

While his friends have all moved on in life, Moritz is incarcerated but has access to a computer to carry on a certain business, in which his own father is involved. If the season 3 of How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is the last, the final episode leaves the door open to new stories …


This August 3, Netflix uploaded the documentary Shiny Flakes: Le Petit Baron du Darknet which looks at the true story behind How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast). If you didn’t know, the German series is inspired by the spectacular story, told by Vice, by Maximilian Schmidt, who alone created the Shiny Flakes site on the dark web in 2013 to sell drugs from his teenage bedroom.

The young man from Leipzig had managed to develop a lucrative business by earning millions via Bitcoin until he was arrested by authorities in 2015 in his bedroom in possession of 320 kilos of various drugs worth 4.1 millions of euros.

Tried as a minor, Maximilian Schmidt received a prison sentence of seven years, even if he is allowed to go out during the day. The young man even advised the teams of the series when he learned that Netflix was adapting his story, going so far as to explain to creator Matthias Murmann how he packed his MDMA packages!

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