Housemarque: a new PS5 license that looks like Returnal

The mysterious new PS5 IP from Housemarque (Dead Nation, Nex Machina…), which begins its development, will be greatly inspired by Returnal. The studio recovers certain ideas that it may have had.

Even though Returnal was a commercial success, for the moment, the Housemarque studio is moving towards an unreleased franchise on PlayStation 5. Un new game that will take advantage of discarded ideas.

Housemarque recycles unused ideas

Eevi Korhonen, senior narrative designer at Housemarque, has made a revelation about the studio’s new PS5 franchise. She indeed said that this license would take up ideas which, ultimately, could not be put in Returnal.

Returnal was so ambitious. We saw the big picture, but we still had to set aside many elements. All these ideas and narrative systems. I’m very excited to take these elements and see how they can fit the story of our new intellectual property.

Eevi Korhonen, senior narrative designer at Housemarque, via VGC.

Housemarque's new PS5 IP will be a narrative single-player game and will take ideas from Returnal.

She added that Returnal had been a great learning ground for Housemarque. A precious baptism of fire in order to prepare for their next PS5 title.

We had no idea how big Returnal was going to be. Developing on a new platform, with a new engine and a new team, requires some learning. Now we have this team that has seen green and unripe and learned how to design a game like Returnal. So we can start again being stronger.

This IP, whatever it is, will be a single-player narrative game, maybe with multiplayer mechanics like Returnal, but that should end there. The studio having learned their previous lesson which was an attempt at a battle royale. And following this unreleased title, Returnal 2 could enter development.

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