House of the Dragon: the 1st episode available for free, here’s how

House of the Dragon: the 1st episode available for free, here's how

Game of Thrones is coming back into people’s hearts and here is a way to watch the 1st episode of House of the Dragon for free.

On August 21, HBO Max began streaming House of the Dragon with almost 10 million people turning up to immerse themselves in the prequel of Game of Thrones. But just to go further and convince even more people, HBO has just made the decision to offer the very first episode for free on …Youtube. Yes, quite simply.

The Beginning of House of the Dragon Free

To admire the rest of the House of The Dragon series in France, you have several options such as going through OCS, whose subscription costs 10.99 euros per month for 2 screens or 12.99 euros for 3 screens. To avoid multiplying the platforms, you can also go through Amazon Prime Video and pay an additional 11.99 euros to access OCS content. Speaking of Amazon, know that this free distribution of the first episode comes on the same day as the start of the series Rings of Power (Lord of the Rings). Chance or coincidence? The choice of calendar is all the same particular.

For the record, this series takes place almost 200 years before the events of Games of Thrones, when the continent of Westeros is plagued by many dangers. Indeed, a civil war is brewing in different parts of the kingdom, this war will be called the Dance of the Dragons.

Every Monday you can find a new episode of House of the Dragon. More precisely, each episode is broadcast overnight from Sunday to Monday, i.e. 3 a.m. in France for the most impatient.

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