House of the Dragon: good news for the impatient

House of the Dragon: good news for the impatient

It’s done, House of the Dragon has just unveiled its last episode of season 1. And inevitably the fans are already waiting for news of season 2.

When you love a series, you are necessarily impatient to discover the sequel. And House of the Dragon is expected at the turn by many people. After a final episode of which we will let you judgethe HBO show inevitably preparing a season 2. We were talking about it elsewhere in this news.

House of the Dragon season 2 in the pipeline

It’s via a news from the very serious newspaper Variety that we can learn the information: Ryan Condal, the creator of the series on behalf of HBO confirms House of the Dragon season 2 will begin filming in early 2023. The man also specifies at the same time that it still remains to be determined whether the broadcast will be made from 2023 or not.

Obviously we suspect that all this must depend on an incalculable number of elements and events such as the editing itself but also and above all the management of special effects which is a long-term job on this type of work. It will also be played out with HBO’s internal schedule and we are sure that all of this is also decided in relation to the big broadcasts of the competition. In short, it must necessarily be very difficult to decide on a project of such magnitude as long as the filming itself is not finished.

What is certain is that it will take in any case 4 seasons to be able to complete the scenario of The House of the Dragon in its entirety as specified by the creator of the novel George RR Martin. It remains to be seen what to expect with season 2.

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