Horizon Zero Dawn: a PS5 remake that is already being debated before its announcement

Horizon Zero Dawn: a PS5 remake that is already being debated before its announcement

To get this new week off to a good start, here’s a little rumor that could spark big discussions. Sony could announce a PS5 remake or remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn. An acclaimed PS4 exclusive that has sold over 10 million copies.

Soon a beautiful PS5 remake for Horizon Zero Dawn?

Five years after its release, Horizon Zero Dawn could return to PS5 via a remake or a remaster, with the rumor being unclear on the subject. A noise from the corridor coming from our colleagues from MP1STcorroborated by the sources of VGC.

Even if at present MP1ST is not certain of the exact nature of this new version, it would have an improved lighting system (ambient occlusion…). The textures, the animations or the display distance would be ironed with the PlayStation 5 mill. There would also be new character models to be closer to those ofHorizon Forbidden West. If those details are correct, then we’re more in front of a remake.

While Horizon Zero Dawn runs in 4K 60fps on PS5 today, without DualSense controller support, the remake could change that and have different graphics modes.

Refined gameplay and accessibility options

In terms of gameplay, it would be subtle but the remake would be closer to its sequel. How exactly? The rumor does not specify. Last but not least for those concerned, this PS5 version of Horizon Zero Dawn would have a shower of accessibility options.

But why such a remake of a 2017 game? We think directly of the Netflix series Horizon 2074. As with The Last of Us Part 1, it would create a synergy between the two projects. A method that has been very successful in Cyberpunk 2077 recently. This TV adaptation takes place in the universe of the two games and the main heroine Aloy will be there.

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