Horizon Forbidden West : the first official DLC, but there is a catch

Its existence was passed off as an open secret, but the DLC Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores has just been made official. While Sony had to pop the champagne internally following the FTC’s announcement that it wants to block the takeover of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, the Japanese firm went there with its classified announcement during the Game Awards 2022. The adventures of ‘Aloy will continue for the duration of an extension. Here’s what we know.

The DLC of Horizon Forbidden West unveiled

The Snitch and his enigmatic teasers will have had another nice surprise. Horizon Forbidden West will take players to the heart of the Burning Shores from April 19, 2023. Not all of them, however, since the extension will be shunning PS4 consoles. This area mentioned several times in the base game already hinted at a new journey in the area south of Spinebreak, a point of interest on the edge of the map. Lance Reddick, aka Sylens in the game, went there with his teaser, claiming to be working on new content for Horizon Forbidden Westwe now know exactly what it is.

The expansion will take players to the heart of a wild and devastated Los Angeles where nature seems to have reasserted itself. To change, Aloy will have to investigate a new threat that will lead her to meet new faces. New creatures, each more gigantic than the other, will be there, and we were able to discover a small preview of one of them. We will have to wait for more details about new features or even its lifespan. We remember that Frozen Wilds, DLC of the first game, kept PS4 players spellbound for more than 7 hours. New details Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores, on the other hand, are expected soon.

horizon forbidden west dlc
horizon forbidden west BURNING SHORES
horizon forbidden west dlc

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