Horizon 3: you may be able to play it with two people. Multi is coming!

Horizon 3 could have its own multiplayer mode, that’s said. We take stock of the last big rumor that suggests the arrival of a big multiplayer experience.

The big morning rumor suggests that Horizon Zero Dawn would have the right to a remake / remaster in the vein of The Last of Us Part 1. Exclusivity would also be part of Sony’s new strategy: game-service. Multiplayer could be coming to Horizon 3.

Towards a multiplayer mode in Horizon 3?

In addition to a Horizon Zero Dawn Remake, Guerrilla Games was working on a multiplayer experience. As we learn from VGC and MP1ST, Sony’s new cult license would have the right to its own cooperative spin-off. It’s not 100% clear if this will be a full-fledged title or an experience that will be grafted onto Horizon 3. Rumor has it that the idea is to allow players to face off against multiple robots, on PS5 as PC. There would potentially be customization focused around the different tribes in the universe.

As VGC points out, the Dutch studio originally had ambitions to create a multiplayer mode for Horizon Zero Dawn. A visual of the game unveiled in 2041 indeed alluded to Monster Hunter-style objectives where teams would have competed to eliminate giant machines. They ultimately never materialized, but a job posting in 2020 hinted at the arrival of an “epic open-world game” for a multiplayer experience. So those same ideas could be ready for Horizon 3.

horizon 3 multi
Horizon Zero Dawn co-op concept art

According to sources from the American media, Sony also wanted to integrate a co-op mode on Horizon Forbidden West. Guerrilla however decided to keep this functionality for a future project. It remains to be seen whether it will be a major addition to Horizon 3 or a full-fledged spin-off that would be part of Sony’s desire to create more game-services.

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