Horizon 2074: the Netflix series Horizon Forbidden West reveals first details

The name of the series Horizon Zero Dawn / Horizon Forbidden West has therefore been confirmed: it will be Horizon 2074. We took stock of the first official information and the rumor that is confirmed today.

Horizon 2074, the Netflix series Horizon Forbidden West

Journalist Jeff Grubb Was Right, The TV Series Based On The Horizon Zero Dawn Universe And Its Sequel Horizon Forbidden West is called Horizon 2074. This is what is written in black and white on the site of the DGC Ontario, a trade union organization that represents the various trades in cinema and audiovisual. It backs up Grubb’s previous claims that the TV show will be filmed in Toronto, like the series The Last of Usdue to the attractive financial conditions.

A remake of both games?

Netflix and PlayStation Productions are adapting Horizon Zero Dawn into a TV series.  The first details about Horizon 2074.

Horizon 2074 would not be a reboot, remake or reinterpretation of games history. Rather, the Netflix series would run parallel to the titles and explain certain events that take place concurrently with Aloy’s journey. We should also be on two timelines. The premiere takes place during the time of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. The second, meanwhile, would be there to tell us about the fall of the world as it once was.

No release date yet but it was the giant Netflix who won the contract with PlayStation Productions.

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