Hollow Knight Silksong: great news for PS5 and PS4 players

Hollow Knight Silksong: great news for PS5 and PS4 players

Still without an official release date, Hollow Knight Silksong takes stock of the platforms where it will be available. A Nintendo Switch exclusive finally playable on PS5 and PS4?

Fans are desperate for a release date for Hollow Knight Silksong. While awaiting deliverance, Team Cherry devs are confirming their plans for PlayStation platforms.

Hollow Knight Silksong will be released on PS5 and PS4

Seeing the reappearance of Hollow Knight Silksong, the blood of the fans did only one turn. But no, there is no firm and definitive release date yet. We simply know thanks to an Xbox listing that this sequel will be available before June 2023.

You don’t have a Nintendo Switch to host it? Rest assured, the game has also been confirmed on PS5 and PS4. No more detail, but with such communication, we can expect availability at the same time on all platforms.

The sequel to the sumptuous Hollow Knight will also be available on Xbox Series X|S, and even offered in the Xbox Game Pass. A plug Steam is already online, which may suggest a simultaneous release.

In this second opus, players will have the pleasure of embodying Hornet, the protective princess of Hallownest, to free a kingdom haunted by demons thanks to new attacks. A kingdom made of coral forests, cities, caves or misty moors with an art direction that looks daunting again.

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