Hogwarts Legacy: You can play it in advance. here’s how

The game takes place in the universe ofHarry Potter did the show last night at Gamescom 2022. Warner Bros Interactive has unveiled a new Hogwarts Legacy trailer focused on dark magic and Slytherin which has had its small effect with fans. However, an interesting piece of information slipped in at the very end of this video.

How to play Hogwarts Legacy in advance?

Pushed back to February 10, 2023, Hogwarts Legacy made a high-profile appearance at Opening Night Live 2022. The trailer broadcast during the event managed to raise the hype among players who are eagerly awaiting the game. However, a small detail has slipped into the middle of these new images revealing that you will be able to play it in advance. Like many productions today, the game Harry Potter will offer different editions at its release ranging from Deluxe and Collector. If the latter will be revealed today, both will offer their set of bonuses, including early access for one of the digital versions.

Hogwarts Legacy Early Access

Warner Bros revealed that those who pre-order the Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy digitally will be able to play the game 72 hours in advance. They will also receive some cosmetic bonuses, a new mount or even a hat. Early Access has become somewhat commonplace for digital games now, but there’s no doubt that the most impatient fans will consider this possibility. No price has been revealed at this time. For the moment, however, it only seems to be reserved for this digital version specifically. To see if the collector will offer the same thing. Pre-orders will be open from August 25, 2022.

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