Hogwarts Legacy: gameplay that will make fans dream

Hogwarts Legacy: gameplay that will make fans dream

Hogwarts Legacy continues to unfold with plenty of exciting new gameplay snippets. Open world, broomstick flying, mounts, it’s all there.

Hogwarts Legacy may not be expected until February 10, 2023, on PS5, Xbox Series and PC, at least, Warner Bros nevertheless wanted to make a last gift to the fans to end the year in style. In a second detailed presentation, the developers took stock of the different game mechanics while showing new excerpts from the game. Here’s what to remember.

New gameplay for Hogwarts Legacy

As promised, Hogwarts has therefore opened its doors for a new presentation. Avalanche Software has made an appointment with fans this Wednesday, December 14, 2022 to discover a new preview of Hogwarts Legacy. If the last live stream focused on the castle, character creation, and some of the spells, the new gameplay snippets primarily focus on some game features that haven’t been detailed before.

Starting with the open world which will allow you to explore the surroundings of Hogwarts thanks to the flight of brooms. It will also be possible to go to Hogsmeade, the store that will allow you to find different types of brooms allowing you to personalize your travel tool, both from an aesthetic and practical point of view with several very useful improvements to the key, for example to fly even higher in the air.

An open world with seasons and a day/night cycle

Several small places populated by wizards will allow you to learn more about the wizards in the area. They will be considered here as hamlets rather than villages, with several side quests, enemies, secrets, vendors in each of them, all allowing you to improve some of your skills or gameplay features. For example, puzzles left by old wizards will help increase your inventory capacity. But it’s not just brooms in life. Hogwarts Legacy will also let you cross the outer lands on the back of a mount. The hippogriff can also flap or act as a horse on the ground.

Hogwarts Legacy will also rely on a season system and a day/night cycle, which will transform environments according to the period. Here the developers show the same environment during winter, changing the atmosphere of the place. A mechanic that will also be used as a narrative marker throughout the game to give the impression that your school year is really going by. A feeling that will also be reflected indoors. Hogwarts or Hogsmeade, for example, will prepare for the festivities as the end of the year celebrations approach. The presentation of the game was also an opportunity to discover more about combat and black magic.

Dark magic and fighting from Hogwarts Legacy

The Forbidden Forest will act as a dark magic battle arena here, exclusive to purchasers of the Deluxe version. The base game will still have two separate arenas that everyone will have access to. They will be used above all to complete difficult combat challenges by fighting several waves of enemies. A key, an aesthetic element and elements to expand your character collection. However, the black magic arena will have a small specificity: you can arrive with different preloaded skills. A way to test the different Unforgivable Spells, which will nevertheless be accessible to everyone as they progress in Hogwarts Legacy.

The opportunity to show several spells like Cruciatus or Avada Kedavra which will bring the enemy’s life bar directly to zero. Due to the extreme power of the attack its cooldown will be longer than any spell. As they progress and advance in the story, sorcerer’s apprentices will unlock new skills available via the R1 key: ancient magic which has its own dedicated gauge in the game. When the mention L1 appears above the head of an enemy, then there is a possibility of injuring the enemy with a devastating ancient spell. However, these opportunities will only be available depending on the type of enemy faced. Players will also be encouraged to bring objects and plants that grow in the Room of Requirement to defeat their opponents more quickly like the Wiggenweld potion which increases their health.

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