Hogwarts Legacy: completely magical gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy: completely magical gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy continues to unfold with loads of magical new gameplay snippets. Hogwarts, fights, character creation, everything is there…

Hogwarts Legacy may be pushed back to next year, Warner Bros intensifies the communication campaign around its game Harry Potter. While the universe is set to expand with new movies, or even an HBO series, eyes are on Avalanche Software’s adaptation. In a new presentation, the developers took stock of the different game mechanics. Gameplay, fights, courses, here are all the latest news.

A long gameplay video for Hogwarts Legacy

As promised, Hogwarts opened its doors for a presentation. Avalanche Software gave fans an appointment this Friday, November 11 to discover a new preview of Hogwarts Legacy. A livestream particularly rich in gameplay and information. Starting with the character designer. Since it is above all your heritage, you can create your wizard from scratch, although there are about twenty pre-existing models that can be modified as desired. The nose, the hair, the mouth, everything else can then be selected from a list that seems quite extensive. Obviously, you will be able to unlock glasses during your adventure to give you a little air of Harry Potter. A detailed and complete character creator that should appeal to many fans.

This presentation was above all an opportunity for the sorcerer’s apprentices to visit the castle as if they were there. The opportunity to discover some of the rooms of this emblematic place, such as the character’s bedroom, but also its most ghostly inhabitants. The new extracts also reveal the interface of the game, hidden until now in the various videos. We stay on classic with a mini-map on the left, and spells assigned to R2 key combos + symbols on PS5. Some of them will also allow you to discover hidden elements in Hogwarts, but all of them will require a small cooldown after use.

The fights will be based above all on a system of combos which allows you to chain spells to gain the upper hand over your opponent. These can also be equipped with a shield that requires breaking them with an appropriate spell (strength, damage, etc.). To help players find their way around, the spells are decked out in a color that makes it easy to know which one to use.

How do the courses work?

As they progress, players will also be invited to complete challenges (combats, quests, exploration) to strengthen their spells. For the rest, the stream revealed a side quest, the dialogue system, secondary characters and even the ghostly inhabitants of the castle. Regarding the courses, contrary to fan speculation, it will not be possible to miss them.

The developers have chosen not to do a simulation in order to stick as much as possible to the narration. Hogwarts Legacy will therefore be divided into chapters in a certain way. Each is made up of a set of missions to choose from and some of them will be in class. The objective of the courses is therefore more to provide the main tools to progress in the fights, while getting to know the teachers. As for the fights, the presentation mainly focused on the duels between students. As a reminder, Hogwarts Legacy will be available from February 10, 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and pc.

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