Hogwarts Legacy: a completely crazy lifespan? It’s confirmed

Hogwarts Legacy: a completely crazy lifespan? It's confirmed

The Potterheads count the days until the release of Hogwarts Legacy. The open-world adaptation of the universe ofHarry Potter will finally be available in a few weeks. The long-awaited game is nevertheless the victim of numerous leaks, the fault in particular of the art books put in the hands of the players in advance. Spoilers abound on the Web, but in the midst of all these leaks an interesting information has been revealed.

What is the lifespan of Hogwarts Legacy?

How long will Hogwarts Legacy last? A question that bothers some fans at a time when developers promise total freedom and generous content. Avalanche Studio has indeed not failed to communicate at full speed on the various activities available at Hogwarts and outside. But will players really get their money’s worth? That would seem to be a big yes. In the massive flood of leaks that appeared earlier in the week, we learned that the game inspired by Harry Potter would have a 35 hour lifespan at the very minimum.

This game time would correspond to that necessary only to complete the story. Including the side quests, the lifespan of Hogwarts Legacy would double. It will therefore be necessary about 70 hours to get to the bottom of it and see the full content. The information, however, remains to be taken conditionally as long as the first tests do not come to confirm it. However, it seems to align with the standards of current open-world RPGs.

For the record, Hogwarts Legacy will be available on February 10, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series and pc. It will nevertheless require a robust machine to hope to run it in the best conditions on the computer. Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions will arrive later this year. We also remind you that an exceptional event will be held in Paris to celebrate the release of the game.

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