Hideo Kojima teases a project. A movie star involved? Images

While Hideo Kojima said he won’t be showcasing any games during Tokyo Game Show 2022, he’s teasing something. A project that could be with a Hollywood star whose identity has already been found. Death Stranding 2? Overdose? Everything else ?

To prevent players from getting carried away, Hideo Kojima and his studio had to signal several times that they would not reveal a game on the Japanese show. A simple VR experience, a tour of their stand in virtual reality, is offered. But the visitors still discovered an enigma to decipher…

A Hideo Kojima teasing

Like every year, Kojima Productions has its goodies stand at Tokyo Game Show 2022, but nothing else, Hideo Kojima has not officially announced its next title. But for the more observant, there was more. A strange poster “Who Am I” or “Who am I” with a QR Code to scan. The QR Code simply links to a website to see the poster large.

So who is this person? The Web has already lifted the mystery brilliantly, it must be recognized. If one could have believed at first sight in Léa Seydoux or Margaret Qualley for ease, it is enough to concentrate a minute to see that it does not stick. In truth, it would be the 24-year-old actress Elle Fanningwho appeared at the age of 2 in the movie Sam, I am Sam. If you doubt it, virtual sleuths have already even got their hands on the original photo:

In 2016, she starred in The Neon Demon, a film by Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive, Bronson…). We imagine that it was the Danish director Hideo Kojima’s favorite, who played Heartman in Death Stranding, who put them in touch. Kojima-san previously tweeted about the actress for her role in Teen Spirit.

Death Stranding 2? Spoiler alert!!

After solving the first mystery, it’s time for speculation with a first theory of @villainsin (via @flyingfox1984). Attention, we will spoiler the end of Death Stranding for the explanations.


At the end of Death Stranding, Sam (Norman Reedus) must take BB to the game’s main incinerator, the place where corpses must be burned to prevent a crater from forming. Guided by Deadman (Guillermo Del Toro), Sam chooses to take BB out of his capsule and in the end, he comes back to life. Sam calls her Louise, Lou, in reference to his lost daughter.

That being said, the user believes that Elle Fanning could be an adult version of Louise in Death Stranding 2. Look to Bridges for the drawbridge. A relatively down to earth and even credible theory.

Other possibilities: Overdose, which would be the Japanese creator’s Xbox cloud gaming software… or something that has nothing to do with a game from near or far. Kojima Productions wishing to seize all the opportunities related to video games, cinema, series and music, the choice is wide.

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