Hideo Kojima talks about his new game that isn’t Death Stranding 2

Hideo Kojima talks about his new game that isn't Death Stranding 2

Hideo Kojima and his teams are currently celebrating the 7th anniversary of Kojima Productions. An event conducive to a few announcements with a new game, which will complement Death Stranding 2, or even a visit to premises of another level.

A revelation for Hideo Kojima’s new game

The festivities for Kojima Productions’ 7th anniversary have begun, but don’t expect any shocking revelations, nor the petit fours and drinks shared between the members of the studio. However, Hideo Kojima recorded a thank you message that mentions a new game, which is not Death Stranding 2.

Hello, this is Hideo Kojima!

Kojima Productions celebrates its 7th anniversary. I would like to thank everyone for their unwavering support. Did you get a chance to check out our latest title, Death Stranding 2, which was revealed at The Game Awards 2022? I promise to give you an even more surprising and complete experience than the first game. We hope you like it. In addition to DS2, we are also preparing a brand new game as well as some visual projects. I hope to be able to give you more information on all this next year..

What is this title ? Chances are it’s the Xbox cloud gaming exclusive that Hideo Kojima wants to shake up gaming with, and that would be the horror production Overdose. It is in any case the only software, in addition to DS2, which has been confirmed by the creator and even the only one which was the subject of rumours. But as pointed out by Kojima-san, other “visual” things are in the works. A series or an animated film where the director Yoji Shinkawa could have fun?

A Death Stranding movie has also been freshly announced.

KJP’s “Spaceship”

Akio Ōtsuka, the seiyu known for being the voice of Solid Snake, Big Boss or Die-Hardman in Death Stranding, is heating up his vocal cords for a complete tour of the new premises of Kojima Productions. Or the new “spaceship” according to Hideo Kojima. A rather very luxurious environment with an editing room, a room to take pictures and scan faces to create 3D models and even a Gachapon machine with DS goodies, which looks like something out of a science-movie fiction.

Our new studio is finally finished. Today more than ever, we will give even more space to creativity in this new environment.

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