Here’s something to compete with your Xbox and PlayStation controller

If you want to change the side of your controller, here is a new pad that has all the cards in hand to compete with the biggest.

CES 2023 is the opportunity for manufacturers to unveil great new products. Thus, Dell has just lifted the veil on its Nyx controller, which the manufacturer presents as the future of gaming. What ? How ? Does the name mean anything to you? It’s normal, already in 2022, Alienware (Dell’s gaming branch) had presented a concept of Cloud gaming via a server with a controller that already bore this nickname.

Nyx to nyx PlayStation and Xbox? (what else ?)

Here is an image of the Nyx.  How to compete with Xbox and PlayStation?
The front of the Nyx controller

It is therefore the concept of a brand new gamepad that wishes to ” explore the future of connectivity “. A controller that is obviously inspired by what is already done but with some new features, however. There are two symmetrical analog sticks like on a DualSense and a button layout that obviously recalls the Xbox controller. Not silly to draw inspiration from the best of both worlds. To change the game Dell has added a fingerprint sensor under the main button, touch sensors at the top buttons and two scroll wheels at the bottom of the pad.

Particular choice on the other hand, the Nyx controller draws a line on the directional cross to replace it by a trackpad, way Steam Controller. This may cause some problems for retrogaming enthusiasts even if the tackpad has proven itself at Steam. What to wonder about its multi-use aspect.

In its press release, the manufacturer explains :

Alienware is experimenting with haptic technologies and self-adjusting variable resistance analog sticks, depending on the game and users’ preferences. Whether driving a tank, using a bow to hunt, or battling robots, the analog sticks and X controls provide realistic sensory feedback.

Alienware has also integrated into this concept the essentials of PC gaming, which drastically limit menu openings and offer constant immersion to players:

Shift keys to multiply the number of options available on the front buttons.

An innovative scroll wheel to easily navigate and change tools.

A smart touchpad for instant access to custom commands.

Here's something to compete with your Xbox and PlayStation controller
The back side.

Finally, Dell adds that the controller has a Wi-Fi connection that will allow users and other household members to simultaneously display messaging applications, e-mails, movies or games on shared screens. . For the moment at the concept stage, there is no pricing or release date yet.

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