Here it all begins: will Alice succeed in winning back Vincent?


Alice Gaissac tries, as best she can, to recover Vincent, the father of her daughter Célia, in “Here everything begins”. Since she cheated on him, his relationship with his daughter is conflicting and Vincent has rebuilt his life. But is the latter really ready to turn the page? (Warning SPOILERS)

Here it all begins : Conflicting relationships

Alice (Diane Robert) is back in Here it all begins to reconnect with his daughter who is very angry with him for cheating on his father. To do this, she moved back to the Gaissac family home. Vincent (Flavio Parenti) must therefore endure the presence of his ex-wife. The latter also tries to win him back, although he is in a relationship with Laetitia (Florence Coste).

Célia (Rébecca Benhamour) who is very upset against his mother, befriended Laetitia. Thus, she is very accomplice with the new companion of her father, which has the gift annoy Alice. Laetitia is also not embarrassed, and allows herself to have some tender gestures with Vincent. Their relationship is finally at a standstill which has not always been the case. She therefore takes the opportunity to come regularly.

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On the road to reconciliation

Alice struggles with her daughter’s little game. So she decides to have a real conversation with her. The two women are finally explained and Celia manages to put words on her resentment. After that, Vincent also managed to put water in his wine. Together they have recalled many memories. Thus, the tensions are calmed between them and the Gaissac family is more appeased. Alice does not lose sight his desire to reform a couple with Vincent.

Célia therefore informs Laetitia and explains to her that her father put aside his bitterness. Which is a source of anguish for the young woman who is afraid to see the man she loves with his ex-wife leave. That same evening, she is invited to a family meal among the Gaissacs. Everyone is in symbiosis, except Laetitia who has trouble integrating and Vincent does not seem very receptive to his tender gestures.

Vincent is lost!

Vincent must therefore juggle between his new partner and support his ex-wife. This situation does not make him very comfortable. His father Diego (Arsène Jiroyan) points out to him that he should make a choice between these two women. Vincent is completely lost. Indeed, he feels good with his new companion Laetitia, even if he also likes to find her little family cocoon with Célia and Alice, like the good old times.

As a result, he decides to spend the evening with his ex-wife and his daughter. In order not to offend Laetitia, he claimed to be on delivery in the evening. He surely did not expect that the latter catches them red-handed … Will Laetitia endure this situation? Will Vincent stay with Alice for good?

The TV series Here it all begins is diffused every evening on TF1 at 6.30 p.m.

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