Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 167 of Tuesday, June 22, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV


In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Anaïs reveals the secret of Marta and Teyssier, Claire comes out in front of Louis. Noémie assaults Teyssier.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday June 22 in Here everything begins …


Now cleared, Enzo learns from Antoine that he can return to the institute. However, the young man has no desire to stay. Meanwhile, Teyssier has made his decision and informs Anaïs that she will have to leave school at the end of the school year. A decision that does not please the headmaster at all, who tries to make him change his mind. In vain.

Later, Anaïs announces the bad news to Lisandro. If she is determined to find a new school or a job in a restaurant, Lisandro refuses to accept the situation knowing full well that she will be unhappy whatever she chooses. For his part, Enzo warns his comrades that he has decided to stay and urges Anaïs to fight to keep his place at the institute.

In double A, Charlene gives instructions to her comrades for the lunch service. While Greg and Lionel openly mock Anaïs for poisoning Lisandro, the latter threatens to kick them out if they continue. Shortly afterwards, Charlène came to inquire about Anaïs. During the discussion, daughter Teyssier states that it is normal that her father took sanctions because of his love affair with their teacher. As this is too much for Anaïs, she ends up revealing to him that her father kissed Marta last December.

To clarify this story, Charlene joins her father and confronts him on the words of her comrade. With his back to the wall, he acknowledges the facts but swears however that he acted on impulse. But Charlene, who resents him terribly, launches that he is nothing more in his eyes.


The atmosphere is particularly tense among the Guinots. When Olivia arrives with pastries for breakfast, Louis is surprised to see her return home after settling in at the hotel without saying anything. As he tries to understand what is going on, Claire explains that they simply quarreled and then reconciled.

In cooking class, Olivia encourages her students to flavor their dish with saffron. By pointing out to Louis that he has put too much in his recipe, he takes offense and does not hesitate to send several spades to his teacher. At the end of the lesson, Olivia hurries to find Claire and then tells her about the incident. Certain that he understood for their relationship, Olivia urges Claire to tell her son the whole truth before the situation escalates.

The mother therefore takes her courage in both hands and reveals to Louis that she is with Olivia. Only, he takes it badly. Although he claims not to be homophobic, Louis is still afraid of the eyes of others and of becoming the laughing stock of the institute. Angry, he then accuses his mother of having raised him without a father, of having accused him of being a murderer and of having sent him to a psychiatric hospital. While Claire declares that he mixes everything up, Louis tells her that she is never responsible for anything.


At the institute, Constance informs Gaëtan of the seriousness of Noémie’s state of health. Convinced that her colleague is burned out, the nurse makes her understand that she must really stop or it could end badly.

At the same time, Noémie gives a demonstration during baking. In the midst of an anxiety attack, she freezes and is no longer able to do anything. When Teyssier asks what’s going on, the young woman declares that she can’t do it with tears in her eyes. After having put an end to his course, the pastry chef attacks his assistant with virulence. At the end of it, Noémie grabs a knife and begs him to leave her alone. When she drops the object, the boss treats her sick and adds that she should be interned.

Subsequently, she goes to the infirmary where Constance gives her some pills to calm down. After Gaëtan’s arrival, Constance insists that Noémie rest for a few weeks. As she is afraid of losing her job, Gaëtan takes her in his arms and promises to fight so that it does not happen. Noémie therefore agrees to distance herself in order to get back on her feet.

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